Data Structures, Revisited

A collection of data structures implemented in several different programming languages.
C C++ C# Java

Authentication System

A user registration and login system with verification and password recovery.
AngularJS Java C# JavaScript MongoDB

Personal Website v1

First iteration of my personal website. Designed with a conscious effort to adhere to Google's material design practices and a minimal use of Bootstrap.
Boostrap CSS3 HTML5 JavaScript PHP SASS jQuery Adobe Ps Adobe Ai

Wibtex RMS

My senior capstone project. Wibtex is a Reference Management System that constructs reference pages and in-text citations sourced from BibTeX from within a Microsoft Word Document, using a LaTeX workflow.
Python XML

Raycaster Illumination

A graphics application that creates a PPM (Portable PixMap) image drawn from mathematical primitives in a JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) file. Implements specular and diffuse reflection components to produce lighting and coloring effects
C Make

Image Viewer

OpenGL image viewer that loads PPM images in P3 or P6 format and displays the image in a window. In addition this application implements keyboard controls to initiate affine transformations on the loaded image.
C Make OpenGL ES GLES2

Android Enigma Puzzle Game

Enigma puzzle game briefly displays a pattern across a grid of tiles. The pattern is then hidden and the player is to reproduce the pattern by touching the titles (order does not matter) on the device.
Android Studio Java

Android Anagram Game

Anagram game application that pulls words from an anagram dictionary database allows the user to perform a word play by rearranging the letters of a word to produce a new word.
Android Studio Java

Simple Android Calculator

Android Calculator application that performs basic arithmetic operations such as addition, multiplication, divison, and subtraction on signed or unsigned integer or floating point numbers.
Android Studio Java